Tips for Solving CBAP Case Study Based Questions

IIBA CBAP Certification examination is difficult to crack. There are scenario and case study-based questions. Solving case study-based questions may take too much time because of the length of case studies or complexity. If, want to learn business analyst skills fast? Discover the CBAP certification training course happening at Techcanvass.

So what is the best way to handle the case study-based questions? In this article, our experts have come up with these 5 tips for solving the case study-based questions in the CBAP exam.

1. Understand the exam format  

Out of 120 questions, some 50 odd questions can be case study-based questions. Case Studies can be for 1-2 pages ( 300+ words with Tables/ Use case diagrams etc.). Each case set can have some 4-5 questions. Do not spend more than 10 minutes on each case set.

2. Don’t get overwhelmed

Most of the exam takers reported that they had long case study questions when they clicked on the Start button. Understanding the psychological reason why it is placed at the beginning, is to test your confidence and ability to maintain composure. Don’t lose the balance seeing the difficult questions, rather bookmark them and attempt them later.

3. Case Study Approach 

All Case Study sets will have a lot of content, so the best strategy is to read the Question first and then read the content. Few of the questions can be answered or solved directly, without reading the content. If context needs to be understood, skim through the content. Try to find information that matters to the question, going through all information will kill the time.

4. Don’t fall into the TRAP

Most of the BA with 8+years of experience aren’t able to clear the CBAP in their first attempt. Reason – Overconfidence + answering situational scenario-based questions with their real-world experience. This will not work in CBAP, IIBA always wants you to choose the best answer to the situation based on the BABOK concepts only.

Figure out the essence of the question, introspect it with BABOK Knowledge areas, and then eliminate wrong options that are not mentioned in BABOK.

5. Math-based Questions

At least 8-10 questions will involve mathematical questions, basic percentage/average knowledge would suffice. More focus should be on TCO, ROI, etc. You can use an online calculator for solving these exam questions.

I hope you found it useful.

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