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Basics of SCRUM and Kanban

In this webinar, the speaker explains the basics of SCRUM and Kanban. It’s a good starting point to learn these AGILE methodologies. SCRUM and Kanban are two of the most used Agile frameworks in the market today. Organizations are increasingly adopting Agile to develop software projects. In this webinar, the…

How to become a Product Owner?

Product Owner
In Agile and Scrum, the Product Owner has a vital role in accountability. And even if there are few specific instructions in the Scrum Guide for effective Product Ownership, the position is still vital for successful Agile and Scrum teams to function well. The Product Owner role was initially used…

What Is the Senior Analyst Job Description & Responsibilities?

A business analyst after having spent good number of years gaining useful experience in the field of business analysis often wonders if the time has come to move up the ladder and become a senior business analyst. But another question that pops up subsequently is whether he/she possesses the right skills, know-how and experience to do justice to the elevated role and the responsibilities that will come with it.

Why should you become an Agile Business Analyst?

Agile Business Analyst

Why should you become an Agile Business Analyst? Is it the better remuneration you are looking for? Or the ability to strive in the IT sector? Or the job satisfaction you will get? I am sure you will get multiple reasons for this very question. This article brings you clarity on why becoming an Agile Business Analyst can be a game-changer for you. The ability to perform the job with ease, isn’t we all looking for?

Steps of Machine Learning

Data Analytics
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What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is an application of artificial intelligence that gives the system the ability to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed automatically. It primarily focuses on developing models that use algorithms to learn and detect patterns, trends, and associations from existing data. Models…

Fundamentals of Telecom Domain [WEBINAR]


This virtual online session on Fundamentals of Telecom Domain will help you learn the basics of this domain and will also help you with the need for domain knowledge. Techcanvass conducts these online sessions by industry professionals on a regular basis.