ECBA Certifcation Journey Chandrashekhar

ECBA Certification journey of Chandrashekhar

In this guide, we will talk about the ECBA Certification Journey of Chandrashekhar, who is ECBA certified and has 6 years of experience in the technical and support side of the IT industry. He cleared his ECBA certification in one attempt only and has a very inspiring success story for you all. This interview intends to bring out stories from successful business analysts. So, it inspires aspirants who are there on their BA journey. 

So, You can become a business analyst by earning the IIBA’s Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA). As an endorsed education provider (EEP), We provide this ECBA certification course to assist you in meeting the requirements. This course, which is entirely practical and hands-on, will assist you in mastering practical business analysis skills that are widely used in the industry, such as UML modeling, SQL, user stories, SRS preparation, etc. You will succeed in the business analyst interviews thanks to the practical and engaging training.

Let’s look at his journey, from where he got the inspiration to do ECBA to how he managed her preparation, time, workload, and overall experience.

Chandrasekhar’s ECBA Certification journey

Preparation plan journey for the certification

As he mentioned, he doesn’t exactly remember the date and day, but he completed his certification around October and studied during his free hours after the office. In addition to this, he says,”  I have like only 1 hr or a couple of hours to prepare, and I think sometime in October I have given this or maybe starting of October I’m not sure on the certification day, it’s been a while. But, the complete time that I spent preparing, to be frank, was only 4 days. Because the other side I do not count as preparation because, why I’m saying it is, I have my work till 6, it also gets extended till 8 or 9 in the night, because of this work from home we really do not have fixed time frame nowadays, so to differentiate and get a time for it, it was only a couple of hours or a maximum an hour. For this exam, I only prepared for 4-5 days and in these 4-5 days I did not touch the BABOK guide at all.

So, the BABOK guide I prepared only during my off-working hours. Whenever I have free time, I just take up a chapter, I read it like a story, and I don’t go by notes or textbook answers. This preparation gave me confidence in understanding what each heading in the BABOK guide is. But for preparation, I really did not refer to the BABOK.

When did he come to know about Techcanvass?

He came through the Techcanvass, took their classroom exams, and did 2 mandatory projects, there is also an exam to get the Techcanvass certificate so that only gave him the understanding that it’s not a textbook exam but more of an understanding of what business analysis is.

How did his life change after this ECBA Certification?

Chandrashekhar says,” They do not know to give me a position, to be frank, in the company. So, it’s because I have 6 years of experience and they are recruiting business analysts but their background, whoever they are recruiting, it’s completely on the management side and it’s not on someone who has done a BTech and some master’s program in another technical form and coming on to the functional side. 

So they are completely looking for a functional side. But this one particular qualification has opened the door for me at least in my organization to get into multiple projects. Before I was just into one project, like my 9 hours in a project but now that’s not the case, it’s like at least two-three projects I do and at the same time and I’m also able to get a lot of freelancing requests from another company as well.

So, this has kept me occupied, just that ECBA is not the only thing you need as a part of a business analyst course or progress, you need to progress and start doing CCBA and higher certifications as well. So, this is just the basics I would say but it has kept me occupied and, it made me get rid of the technical coding.

Tips or tricks for the aspirants for ECBA

The tips given by Chandrashekhar after his experience with ECBA certification are- 

  1. People should not believe that, okay this is also another certification, you can have dumps for this exam. So it is not such a type of exam, it is solely like, you need to understand the basics, get the understanding of what the BABOK says, and then start taking up the exam. 
  2. So, you do not have to like day and night study for this exam. It is a very easy exam, they can easily clear it. Why I’m saying this is because I cleared it in 5 days of preparation because I had the hands-on experience but I don’t know the terms.
  3. But for people who are freshers, maybe another 5 days I would say, they don’t need more than two weeks to prepare for this exam. Given that material is already available and mock questions are available. 
  4. All you need to do is maybe like, completely concentrate on this, they will be able to clear it.
  5. If they have a lot of things, are occupied with other things, and have a lot of distractions, it’s going to take a bit more time but still, they’ll clear it.

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We hope Chandrashekhar’s journey came out as an inspiration for you all. While managing his workload, he was able to crack the ECBA certification in one attempt only. This proves that, if you are willing to do something in your life, nothing can stop you. Meanwhile taking this as a lesson from Chandrashekhar, it is also important to analyze your skills and upgrade them whenever required. 

To upgrade your skills, you can take our ECBA certification course and show your skills to everyone. You can take various training courses from Techcanvass as Chandrashekhar did, and pursue your career ahead with us.

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