Kavya’s journey to the CBAP Certification

In today’s success story, we will discuss the experienced IT Business Analyst, Kavya. She is one of the talented and smart Business Analysts who has recently cracked the CBAP Certification. In addition, she has experience in the financial and corrections industry. 

Her motivation and energy to do something extraordinary make her a powerful figure in the corporate world. 

Let’s move ahead and learn about CBAP Certification and how Kavya was able to crack it despite her daily hectic work schedule. 

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Kavya Mantena is an IT Business Analyst having over 8+ years of experience in the Financial and Corrections Industry. She is one of the people who qualified for CBAP Certification with flying colors. She got CBAP certified in May 2021. Her journey has been amazing and she gave a lot of learning capabilities to the aspirants through her journey. According to Kavya, CBAP is the most challenging, recognized, and difficult certification in Business Analysis, which is why she wanted to crack it and improve her skills with time. 

How did she plan the preparation?

While working, sometimes it gets difficult to manage studies with odd hours. But Kavya was able to manage her studies, preparation, and job as well. She gave at least 1 hour a day to the preparation and went through all the material with revision details. She made a separate notebook for mind maps and solved all the material provided to her. 

According to her, giving an equal amount of time every day can help in cracking the CBAP examination. All it requires is consistency and belief that you can do it.

Challenges faced by her during the preparation

Kavya is a glorious learner and it is easy for her to grasp things fast. But due to the massive load of content for the CBAP preparation, it was challenging to cover all the content and points together. Even sometimes she faced challenges while remembering the concepts, techniques, inputs, and outputs as well.

Until she saw the congratulations message after clearing the certification, she was nervous and felt underconfident. But Kavya says, Everything is worth it when you reach your goal in one go.

Mental status during the examination

I didn’t rush a lot, Kavya says. I took a year, learned a lot of concepts, practiced every day, cleared all my doubts and implemented concepts in my everyday tasks, and came out stronger for the preparation. 

After a year of preparing and giving practice exams, she just went to give the test, 1st few questions were tough but she remembered tips from Satish(trainer) not to answer those questions and come back later after other questions are answered. This gave her a lot of confidence during the examination day. 

Tips and tricks for the aspirants

The first and major tip that Kavya wants to share with everyone is that, understand the concepts, try to relate to your job, take your time, keep on giving mock tests, and keep on practicing. 

If you can consistently do these things, no way will stop you from reaching your goal. You can easily crack CBAP Certification because it is all about how you perceive questions and your basic understanding. 

Final Words

Kavya tells us that the material provided by Techcanvass helped her a lot in solving mind maps and difficult questions. It boosted her confidence and now the certification is helping her resume get shortlisted easily. 

Hope this success story gave you a lot of insights into how things work parallelly when you are willing to pursue a dream certification. Keeping this in mind, if you want to crack the CBAP Certification, we are here to help you with the best CBAP Certification Training Course. This course is designed to provide you with insights on a different level of examination for becoming a successful Business Analyst. Enroll today! 

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