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Which IT Certifications will be in demand post Corona?

Which IT Certifications will be in demand post Corona

The world is experiencing its biggest challenge in the form of COVID . I am sure; We will win this battle too. However, it will have a major impact on the world economy.

What’s the impact on the IT industry? As an IT professional, how should we get ready for the tough times ahead? Which Certifications will be in demand post Corona in 2021 and beyond?

In this short post, I am going to present my viewpoint.

Note: I am writing this in April 2020, First week and situation are still very dynamic. I am not going to cover technical certifications.

Impact of COVID on the Industry

First of all, let me present a few factors, which will determine the course of the IT industry, post-Corona pandemic. I feel this may last at least a year (provided we find a cure by the end of 2021).

Here are some factors, which will play a significant role:

  1. The overseas travels will see a considerable decline post COVID-19 in 2021. The fear factor will take some time to go away.
  2. The Corona virus will make a come back next year as well, as this is a flu. Unless we have a potent treatment or vaccine, this will be a major worrying factor for all forms of travel.
  3. Businesses would like to compensate for the “Lost business period” so they will be more aggressive in the 2nd half of the year and beyond.
  4. However, companies will be risk-averse because of the prevailing uncertainties.

Certifications and Skills to be in demand

So, which skills/certifications are going to be in demand in 2021 and beyond. My top choices:

Project Management Certifications (PMP and CAPM)

Project Management will be back in the reckoning as more and more projects will be handled from offshore. Onsite travel will be subdued for at least a year or so. Professionals with project management and team handling skills will be in demand. Project Management Institute’s CAPM or PMP are the best choices.

Business Analysis Certifications (CBAP, AAC, CCBA and ECBA)

Business Analysis skills will continue to be in demand as I expect that companies will be more aggressive to recover for the no-business period. International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) offers CBAPCCBAAAC and ECBA Certifications. You can go for these certifications. 

Cyber Security Certifications

Cyber security will come to fore as remote and possibly work from home will increase. Organisations will be concerned about data security/breach on the wire (or wireless channels). This should lead to demand for more Cyber Security professionals. IIBA’s Certificate in Cyber security Analysis (CCA) is a good example.

You can also know about the Top 10 Cyber Security certifications at Forbes website.

Agile Certifications

In the post Corona environment, Organisations will be wary of another outbreak and will be less favourable to long term projects/commitments. More projects will take an Agile approach.

This also means that professionals with Scrum and Agile skills will be in demand. The top Agile/Scrum certifications like Scrum Master, Product Owner ,and Agile Business Analysis will have better demand.

These are the top certifications that are expected to be in demand once the World recovers from the Pandemic.

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