Rashmi’s CBAP Certification Story

Rashmi CBAP Certification Journey – How She Cracked Her Exam?

In this guide, we will talk about the success story of  Rashmi, who is CBAP certified and has been working as a senior business system analyst for an airline for the last seven years.  Have a look at rashmi CBAP certification Journey

Becoming a professional business analyst requires patience and practice with good years of experience, but certification also plays a vital role within the range of these precursors. CBAP certification is an IIBA, Canada certification for experienced business analysts. The purpose is to provide extensive knowledge to the existing professional analysts for better outcomes. We provide high-end CBAP Certification training that results in the best outcome. 

Aspirants looking for the best CBAP certification training institutions can reach out to the concerned person and get the most out of it. Rashmi’s journey started from various hurdles and landed in the Techcanvass to reach new heights of success. 

Let’s take a look at her journey from where she got the inspiration to do CBAP to how she managed her preparation, time, workload, and how the overall experience went for her

Rashmi’s CBAP Certification Journey 


Rashmi’s certification story started when she decided to go for the CBAP certification. She has been working as a senior business systems analyst for an airline for the past seven years and considers it an essential step in her career to obtain the CBAP certification. She learned a lot during her preparation journey. She wants to pursue becoming a certified and professional business analyst in the future, and how she is working with one of the prestigious airlines as a senior business system analyst. 

Study Material 

Her preparation strategy might not have been the best, but Rashmi gained a lot of valuable insights during her preparation and also upon giving the exam; now, she would like to share her views on the dos and don’ts for the CBAP exam preparation. Initially, she referred to BABOK and could not read it well without external guidance. 

She explained and said, “I had heard and read that the CBAP exam was adamant and required one to read every line in BABOK. I wasn’t sure whether to do the certification, so I tried to read the BABOK and understand it first. It took a lot of time as BABOK is a very tough read (abstract and dry), and there is a lot of content, and it is pretty intimidating. So she decided to purchase a mock exam from some website before making a final decision. 

The mock exam was nowhere close to the actual exam format, and it was pretty tough. But in the end, she mentions that reading BABOK alone without taking any classes was the wrong decision she made. It would have been better to first sign up for the lessons and read the book along with the studies, which she did afterward. 

How did she know about Techcanvass? 

After going through the BABOK syllabus and chapters alone without any external help, Rashmi became hopeless and decided to buy some external helping paper guides. She purchased a mock exam, but after a while of reading it, she found that the exam format was quite challenging and very different from the syllabus of the BABOK study material. That is when she decided to purchase a CBAP preparation course from Techcanvass, and it changed her preparation strategy in one go only. After going through the CBAP Techcanvass syllabus, Rashmi realized that she was going into the wrong preparation strategy. She added to the conversation by saying, 

“It was a good decision. The online classes and the Techcanvass material proved to be very useful and helped understand and learn the BABOK content much easier.”

Challenges Faced by Her 

According to her, some basic pre-reading before each class helps, though. The Techcanvass BABOK revision guide helps in pre-reading. In addition, there are crossword puzzles/exercises at the end of every chapter, and you can attempt these by referring to the Techcanvass PPTs and original BABOK

She was hesitant to open the CBAP question bank on the Techcanvass website because it is available only for three months once opened. Again, this was a mistake. The mock questions are a good way of understanding and learning the BABOK content. 

Though these questions sometimes make you feel like you don’t know anything even though you have read everything, some of the questions are pretty twisted and ambiguous/conflicting; not to get intimidated by this. The actual exam questions are not like the mocks. Just use the mock questions as a basis to learn. She says that Dedicating a few days before the exam is essential to revising and understanding the exam pattern. There is no requirement to know the whole BABOK book because the actual exam is different.

Tips to Clear CBAP 

Rashmi shared some great tips and tricks that can help aspirants clear the CBAP certification exam.

  1. After completing all the knowledge areas and techniques chapters, map each method to each knowledge area task. At the end of the BABOK, there are an appendix, ‘Techniques to Tasks Mapping,’ which you can use to validate your mapping. If you find any unexpected mapping, you can go back to the section in BABOK, find out the reason, and note down any important one.
  2. Dedicating a few days before the exam to revise your notes, mock questions, and Excel helps. There is no need to know the BABOK content by heart. The actual exam format was as follows – the first 40 questions were based on case studies, and the rest 80 were not.
  3. The case study questions were more complex and took time to complete. So make sure you plan your time to attempt all the questions. The case study questions required analyzing, connecting the concepts, and applying and solving problems. A few of the questions were mathematical and required thinking differently and using common sense mathematical concepts (not in BABOK) to solve the questions.

After Cracking CBAP 

Rashmi was able to crack the CBAP examination. As Rashmi took a chance and tried the Techcanvass study material to prepare for the CBAP examination, you can also leverage the opportunity and contact Techcanvass to upskill your CBAP certification today. The cost of CBAP Certification is divided into two parts: membership fees and application/exam fees. The cost of membership varies depending on where you require it. 

Techcanvass is an IIBA EEP that offers CBAP certification training in live online and on-demand formats. Enroll today to upskill yourself in the industry tomorrow.

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