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Sankara Raman Venketaraman: IIBA-CBDA Certification Journey

The IIBA CBDA certificate, or Certification in Business Data Analytics, is a program offered by the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analytical) that certifies your competence to execute end-to-end business analytics projects for data-driven decision-making.

This credential proves to potential employers that along with business expertise, you understand the different aspects of data analysis like data sourcing, basic data analysis, visualization, and interpreting insights for informed business decisions. CBDA-certified professionals have the expertise to lead analytics projects thus helping organizations use data for better decisions.

In this blog, we look at the success story of Sankara Raman Ganapathy Venketaraman who is a Business System Analyst in MNC IT Service Provider for a Canadian Insurance Project. He always wished to develop a T-shaped skill set with Business Analysis being the primary skill and getting insight into different perspectives of business analysis as defined in BABOK. We will talk about his IIBA-CBDA certification journey and the impact on his career.

Who Can Apply for CBDA Certification?

The CBDA certification is a competency-based certification program for business analysts at the second level. This certification exam is for business analysis professionals with two to three years’ experience executing analysis related work in business analytics initiatives. This certification exam is for business analysis experts who manage and lead teams.

What are the Benefits of Having an IIBA-CBDA Certificate?

The IIBA CBDA certification has several advantages for potential candidates, the most prominent of which are:

  • Today, data is critical for making educated business decisions, and data-driven businesses outperform their competitors. As a result, the use of analytics is getting increasingly common. As a result, business analytics abilities are in demand. They, along with analytical reasoning, are among the most sought-after hard skills. 
  • When choosing a career path, skilled business data analysts have many more possibilities. 
  • The CBDA certification allows business analysts to lead end-to-end data analytics/business intelligence initiatives and collaborate with data science specialists in addition to their primary position.
  • CBDA accreditation broadens the breadth of data scientists’ and analysts’ competencies beyond their core data-related job to include business decision-making and effective two-way collaboration with business analysts.
  • CBAP / CBDA recertification hours can be applied to CBAP / CCBA recertification.

Sankara Raman Venketaraman IIBA-CBDA Certification Journey

Before taking the CBDA certification, Sankara was a Business System Analyst in a multinational IT Service Provider for a Canadian Insurance Project. He always wished to develop a T-Shaped skill set with Business Analysis being the primary skill and getting insight into different perspectives of business analysis as defined in BABOK.

Further, Sankara was keen to develop Business Intelligence competencies as his secondary skill. This motivated him to search for certification in data analysis. But soon he realized that all of them were very technical in nature. 

Later on, he came across IIBA’s CBDA, which was perfect for him as it is formulated from the point of view of enabling a BA to work in analytics. He decided to go for it!

Since data analysis was a new area that Sankara was learning, he felt that going through a certification provider would be good rather than self-study.

Finally, his search ended with TechCanvass, as they had a good set of exam resources and trainers at a nominal cost. The trainer brought all her work experience to the table by providing real-life scenarios for each topic which further motivated him. Sankara says, “TechCanvass has a perfect set of mock-up exams/question banks. Practicing and clearing the same gave me further confidence to take the exam”.

He says, I suggest getting trained for the exam from a training provider such as TechCanvass, which is even more useful when you do not have hands-on work experience, as the exam does not have any prerequisite.”

Though his role did not change, he was able to apply the CBDA concepts he had learnt in his project work and the management realized the value of the same. He was promoted as a Lead Business Analyst within a month of certification completion!

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Essential Tips to Remember Before Applying for IIBA-CBDA Certification

Aside from the basics of the CBDA certification exam, this certification is suitable for mid-level experienced professionals who wish to work in the field of business analytics. This credential will make you stand out from the other BA roles. Let’s move ahead and see these issues in detail-

  • You must have two to three years’ experience executing analysis related work in business analytics initiatives and expertise in business analysis. This CBDA certification is for you if you wish to prove your business analysis skills and establish yourself as a seasoned business analyst.
  • The CBDA certification has no prerequisites, so you don’t need to have any other credentials to take it. You can apply for CBDA certification if you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • If you have sufficient knowledge and experience working in data analytics with a background in business analysis, you can study the CBDA guide provided by IIBA, read recommended books and practice mock questions to prepare for the certification.

As the CBDA exam is competency-based and almost all the questions will be scenario-based, you should have your concepts clear and sufficient mock question practice to clear it in the first attempt.

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Salary After CBDA Certification

According to the IIBA’s Global State of Business Analysis Report for 2021, the average CBDA-certified business analyst makes $80,034. According to the survey, business analysis experts who hold the CBDA certification earn 1% more than those who do not.

How to Pass the IIBA-CBDA Certification Exam?

To pass the CBDA certification, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

Use the exam registration form on the IIBA website to register for the exam. Naturally, if you don’t already have an IIBA account, you’ll need to create one and log in using your credentials.At this stage, you can also consider being an IIBA member through which you will get access to a lot of resources, networking and reduced exam fees.

The exam can be purchased on the IIBA website’s certification summary page. You can pay the exam price once you’ve chosen the CBDA – certification in business data analytics. After your payment is finalized, you’ll receive an email with instructions.

When you’re ready, schedule the exam. Before scheduling an exam, make sure you’ve read all of the information on the exam information page. You’ll find all the necessary information and directions for the exam process here. 

When you’re ready, go to the certification summary page and click Get Start to complete the schedule and pass the exam goal, which will lead you to the exam scheduling page. 

Learn about business data analytics’ fundamental concepts and practices of business data analytics to prepare for the exam. IIBA’s handbook to business data analytics is matched with the certificate test, and it should be your primary source of study material. Furthermore, taking a training course with one of IIBA’s recognized education providers is always an intelligent option (EEP). 

The length of the courses varies depending on the supplier and your prior data analytics skills and experience. Upon completing the study, the recognized education providers also award relevant professional development hours (PDH) and competence development units (CDU). These CDUs can be used toward recertification after 1 year. Before taking the exam, you should test your knowledge and go over the sample questions and self-assessment process accessible on the IIBA website.

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Experts’ Tips to Clear IIBA-CBDA Certificate 

To pass the CBAP exam, it is highly suggested that you follow a proper preparation plan. Along with the IIBA CBDA’s Guide to Business Data Analytics, Here is some professional advice to keep in mind while studying for the CBDA certification exam.

Read the BABOK Guide and its associated materials at least twice.

  • Get your hands on more practice questions to feel confident. Examine each of the sample questions provided on the CBDA certification page. 
  • To familiarize yourself with the exam setting, format, and pattern, enroll in CBDA online courses and practice exams.
  • To cover your weak areas, enroll in CBDA certification training provided by any IIBA EEPs (Endorsed Education Providers).
  • Read the recommended resources from IIBA’s CBDA website – books, whitepapers, blogs, etc.
  • Don’t forget to read the IIBA’s official website’s FAQs, which will help you understand the main issues.
  • With the help of a few examples, have a discussion with your study companions about the various CBDA exam goals.
  • Participate in IIBA events in your area; it may assist you in your exam preparation.
  • Participate in study groups and online discussion forums where people share their experiences and information; this will significantly aid your grasp of the themes. Techcanvass is one of the sites that may assist you with your CBDA certification preparation.
  • Don’t just rely on theoretical knowledge; acquire some hands-on experience to help you apply what you’ve learned in the classroom.

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Is it true that you lack momentum when you are studying independently? Enroll for a CBDA certification course.

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