Top 5 Challenges faced by Business Analysts

Business Analysis discipline is fairly broad and thus the roles & responsibilities of a business analyst are wide-ranging. A business analyst has to get involved at various stages of system development and interact with stakeholders across different functions having varied roles, interests and influence over the scheme of things. He/she has to manage the complete lifecycle of requirements and ensure that all relevant stakeholders reach consensus on the requirements so that desired business goals can be achieved.

What is ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)?

An organization has built various systems over the years, and these systems are on numerous platforms with different architectures. Data in these systems is in varied formats like SAP, Excel, flat files, databases, web services, cloud applications, unstructured data, etc. Also, information all over the organization’s departments is scattered in these various systems. Now the management wants to build a new report or application which requires inputs from these multiple systems. How can this data from different systems and different formats be joined together for seamless access for analysis and reporting?

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